Zachary’s Grand Lake Exclusive: 15% Off Half-Bakes!

It’s a Zachary’s Grand Lake Exclusive Deal!

Get 15% off half-baked pizzas from 11am to 5pm DAILY August 16th – 31st!

Yes. Every. Single. Day. Includes any and all half-baked pizzas. Excludes online and third-party delivery orders, and can’t be combined with any other offer. Half-baked pizzas are great options to pick up early and finish cooking later in the day, or even the next few days! They last up to four days in your refrigerator and come with easy to follow instructions on how to finish baking at home. Check out the half-bake tutorial via our Instagram HERE to see just how easy they are!

When: August 16-31, 11am to 5pm, daily

What: 15% Off all Half-baked pizzas

Excludes: Online orders and third-party delivery orders. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Only available at Zachary’s Grand Lake. Not valid or available at any other location.