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Our weekly special is the Buffalo Chicken Pizza! Our CEO (Kevin) grew up in Buffalo, NY and drew inspiration for this pizza from the sauce of his homeland. Kevin writes, “Growing up in Buffalo, pizza night always meant pepperoni pizza and a bucket of chicken wings with blue cheese dressing. The flavor of Buffalo wings […]...Read More

Over the past two decades, our artists have been inspired by a wide range of topics. History? Fictional characters? Popular Culture? Pizza (duh!)? You name it. One theme that consistently shows up in the contests every year is our artists’ love of animals. Our first example of animal-inspired art is this piece by Lisa Hayle. […]...Read More

Hey All – my name is Becki. My Zachary’s Pizza business card has the title ‘People Person’. That is really a just a fun way to say—Human Resources with a dash of customer interaction! Since I am the one in the office the most—I check our company emails and help facilitate responses.  Once in a […]...Read More