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Our weekly special at all four locations is the Buffalo Chicken Pizza! It’s just in time for the Super Bowl! Our CEO (Kevin) grew up in Buffalo, NY and drew inspiration for this pizza from the sauce of his homeland. Kevin writes, “Growing up in Buffalo, pizza night always meant pepperoni pizza and a bucket […]...Read More

We recently received a fun email from former Bay Area resident, Richard Weerts: “Hello Zachary’s team: Thought you might like this little story and pics. A year ago my wife and I moved to the mountains from the East Bay. We miss Zachary’s Pizza from our usual Rockridge Oakland Zachary’s location. So it’s my birthday […]...Read More

We are excited and honored to announce that we won the “Readers’ Local Favorites” award from Community Focus! We are super grateful to Community Focus and to our readers for the award. We love being a part of such supportive and fun communities. We are looking forward to having an awesome 2016! Check out the […]...Read More