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We just made hosting a fundraising for your school or local organization easier! To check out our new fundraising page click here! We can arrange a fundraising day at Zachary’s North Berkeley (Solano Ave), Pleasant Hill or San Ramon.   We’ll donate a percentage of revenues from participants of your local school or non-profit community […]...Read More

By popular demand, we are now offering PERSONAL thin pizzas for lunch at Zachary’s Pleasant Hill and San Ramon. We can get one to your table quickly, or you can take yours on the go! Order in person or over the phone. Available Monday – Friday from 11 to 4. There are lots of options […]...Read More

The results of the Zachary’s Employee Owner Pizza Contest are in! And lucky for you, we will be featuring several winning pizzas on our menu so you can try all of the delicious results! First up… Aria’s Enchi-Holla Enchilada Pizza! Aria won in both the “Best Pizza” and the “Most Creative Pizza” categories (HOLLA!). Aria […]...Read More