California Dream Eater and Visit California chose Zachary’s as a go-to restaurant in the Bay Area! Check out the video here

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It’s time for some new pizza specials! In Oakland and Berkeley, Aria’s crowd-pleasing Enchi-Holla Enchilada pizza is back! Aria won an employee pizza contest a couple of years ago in both “Most Creative” and “Best Pizza” categories. Her tasty creation has our free range chicken breast marinated in a green enchilada sauce, corn, cilantro, black […]...Read More

Big news! The first ever Zachary’s yoga class took place on Thursday, January 5th and it was AMAZING! Zachary’s is an employee owned company (read more here: via our ESOP. We have a committee of dedicated employee owners who work to educate the crew about the ESOP itself and the benefits and responsibilities of […]...Read More

We have a pretty amazing crew. We’ve got folks who have been with the company since 1983 and folks who just started last week. We have stunningly fast pizza makers and exceptionally warm and welcoming hosts and servers. These amazing folks thrive in a chaotic and sometimes downright wild environment. No one, in our humble […]...Read More