Pizza Art

We started an art contest in the mid-1980s and have continued the tradition every few years or so since then. We now have over 300 pieces of Zachary’s pizza art from the past three decades! The winning artwork decorates the walls in all five of our restaurants. We love the art and the artists and are excited and honored to be able to share some of the art on our website!

The Zachary’s Art Contest 40th Anniversary Edition is happening now until April 23rd! Click HERE for more information!

Pals and Dolphins

Elena S, age 9


My name is Elena and I am currently 10 years old.   I was born in Tokyo, Japan, but moved to America when I was 4.  I now live in San Ramon, and am about to graduate from Coyote Creek Elementary School.

Martial arts, drawing, and painting are my favorite hobbies. I also like singing and music and will keep continuing it until I am too busy. In martial arts ( karate),I am a brown white stripe belt. If I have any free time I would love to read, draw, or play video games (until my parents stop me).

I entered the Zachary’s art contest in 2008 and again in 2010 because I love drawing, painting and eating Zachary’s pizza.  I was so happy when my school received the $1,500 for the award in 2008.  That money was spent on the art program at Coyote Creek, and helped make the art very exciting all through out Coyote Creek.

Thank You Zachary’s!


Pals at Zachary's

M. Yamagata


Pizza Butterfly

Pizza Butterfly

Emma Ruth, age 6


“When I first mentioned the art contest to Emma (she was six at the time) her immediate response was “C’mon, let’s get started!” She then began producing sketches. One of these had a couple of butterfly’s, but originally with more normal butterfly wings with pizza slices as the wing pattern. I made the suggestion the design could be strengthened by having the wings BE pizza slices, and the final composition was arrived at!”

Pizza Gangster

Chris Papa


Love Letter to Zachary's

Maia VuMinnich, 9 years old


Mama Meow Purrrrfecto

Marko Yamagata





Mackenzie Sowers

Zachary's Atlas

Kevin Brown


Take Me to Your Pizza

Nadira Berman, age 9


Pizza Princess

Eva Jaeger, 4 years old


Eva, 4 years old Eva 14 years old

When I created this piece my family had moved from Berkeley to Manhattan for a year. When I look at this piece now it conjures up all the emotions of those moments: a longing for home and familiar things like Zachary’s, the excitement and adventure of being somewhere unknown and the joy of knowing that I’d be back to have some pizza soon. And of course, I was 4 and loved Princesses!

My inspiration for this piece was all the things I loved.  Princesses, pink, big art and pizza. I actually didn’t really like Pepperoni (truth be known) but the alliteration was too good to pass up!  The process I used for this piece was to draw it on a smaller piece of paper and then spread out on the floor, with all my markers tossed around, and the paper taped down.  Shoes off and spread across the whole thing I sketched by pencil and then dried out just about every marker pen filling in the spaces.  My brother, who was in 1st grade at the time, was also drawing next to me.  His poster actually was awarded an Honorable Mention and I was happy to be creating our pieces together.

This may be the peak of my artistic recognition.  Since that time the pieces I’ve created are much smaller and much more private, rarely venturing into public space.  I like to express my creativity in crafts, writing, on the stage and on the soccer field.  And my love for Princesses and pizza have also become a bit more subdued as I pursue higher ambitions than just being royalty. The thing I haven’t changed since then is a love for Zachary’s pizza.  Just finished one a minute ago!

Best Slice

David Seiler


Pizza-Crazy Cats

Sophia Maria Brown


Age 10

I fell in love with Zachary’s pizza the first time it touched the tip of my tongue. I loved doing the artwork and it was a bonus to win twice! I think everyone should participate. Love live Zachary’s!

Zachary's Heavyweight Champion

Chuck Waite





Guillaume Ollivier

Wild About Zachary's

Amber Huk


In The Oven

Lois Rosson



Museum of Modern Pizza

Museum of Modern Pizza


Artist Unknown

Hanging Pizza - Hanging Cat

Nikola Bachman


Hi my name is Nikola. I just graduated from high school this past June.  While attending high school, I was also taking art classes at Berkeley City College.  I’m currently enrolled in my fourth art class at BCC.   I’m drawn to Japanese animation and graphic novels.  Someday I’d love to visit Japan.   Drawing older architectural buildings using a realistic cartoon flare, is one of my styles as small details are important to me.  I’m a cat lover at heart therefore the kitty in the painting that I drew for Zachary’s was inspired by my own cat Jackson, even though they look nothing alike.   It was the first time that I’ve entered one of my art pieces into a contest. I was happily surprised to have won!  This was the third time however, that I’ve had my art up for public display.  Another important project of mine is writing a graphic novel.  The title, story line and illustrations are all my own and I hope to be published someday.   I like going out to eat with my family.  Our favorite spot for pizza is Zachary’s.  We always order the Chicago deep dish, with mushrooms and spinach.  Yummy!

Timeless Pizza

Birthe Lauvdal


Sir Zachary

Leo Gould, 11 years old