Pizza Art

We started an art contest in the mid-1980s and have continued the tradition every few years or so since then. We now have over 300 pieces of Zachary’s pizza art from the past three decades! The winning artwork decorates the walls in all five of our restaurants. We love the art and the artists and are excited and honored to be able to share some of the art on our website!

Zachary's Kiss
ZAK WILSON 1992 I’m a big fan of pop art and wanted to create something in that style. The Roy Lichtenstein look fit the vibe of the idea. That and I wanted to win some free pizza. (The first time I ate Zachary’s) had to be in the mid 80’s sometime. A good friend worked at the Solano store so I was turned on to Zachary’s Pizza early in the game. That same friend is now one of the owners. I’m a native of Berkeley and have been in the Bay Area my whole life. Aside from the cost of living what’s not to like about the Bay Area? All my immediate family is here. Good weather, culture, sports, food (hint, hint…). It’s one of many amazing places in the country…but this one happens to be home.
Zachary's Heavyweight Champion

Chuck Waite


Forbidden Pizza

Bill Crews


I Left My Heart at Zachary's

Kirstin Ineich


kirsten ineich

I always like looking at the different posters created by Zachary’s patrons. When the opportunity came to create my own, I had just come back from San Francisco, and I knew I wanted to incorporate it into my piece. The Zachary’s logo integrates well with the Golden Gate Bridge, so, I chose to paint the iconic bridge. When I think of San Francisco, I always think of Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” playing after a Giants’ home-game win at AT&T Park and the way it makes me feel. And, every time you eat at Zachary’s, you get the same feeling. So, I tied the whole thing together with the tagline “I left my heart at Zachary’s.”

Howling Wolf

Eric Perko


The Capone of Pizza

The Capone of Pizza


David Loya

Love Is Three Tiers Of Zachary's

Lori and William Wallace


My son, William (13 yrs old) and I are deeply grateful to Zachary’s for the joy it brings our lives.  Not only the DELICIOUS gluten free pizza (thank you, thank you!), but also the connection it weaves through community.  We have monitored the art contest for years and have waited for the opening where time and creative spark would coincide and bring us to this moment of participation.  And here we are! The inspiration behind this piece was to weave in the theme of “shared love”.  What better depiction of shared love than a wedding day and the site of a loving groom feeding his delighted bride a slice of Zachary’s deep dish?!  Love IS Zachary’s Pizza xo

Pals and Dolphins

Elena S, age 9


My name is Elena and I am currently 10 years old.   I was born in Tokyo, Japan, but moved to America when I was 4.  I now live in San Ramon, and am about to graduate from Coyote Creek Elementary School.

Martial arts, drawing, and painting are my favorite hobbies. I also like singing and music and will keep continuing it until I am too busy. In martial arts ( karate),I am a brown white stripe belt. If I have any free time I would love to read, draw, or play video games (until my parents stop me).

I entered the Zachary’s art contest in 2008 and again in 2010 because I love drawing, painting and eating Zachary’s pizza.  I was so happy when my school received the $1,500 for the award in 2008.  That money was spent on the art program at Coyote Creek, and helped make the art very exciting all through out Coyote Creek.

Thank You Zachary’s!


Lasso a Zachary's Pizza

Emma Jones, age 10

Emma, Lasso piece 8.21.14

Hey, thanks for scrolling over my artwork! Waiting around for your food to come isn’t fun unless you’re at Zachary’s Pizza and gawking at all of the colorful, original artwork. So when I saw my shot to bring some joy to the casual diners, rolled up in this huge blank piece of paper for a contest, I couldn’t wait to get going. The paper really is huge, so one of the tile hallways in our house was promptly converted into an art studio (my Mom is legendary)! Over time I lost interest in finishing my piece, despite walking past it every day, however I was encouraged to finish it and now I’m so glad I did. Thank you again to Zach’s for this honor, and for bringing the taste of sweet home Chicago to the Joneses on their California detour.


Phases of Pizza

Ryan Pera


Besides my everyday fascination with the universe, galaxy, the solar system, the moon, and the sun, my piece, titled “Phases of Pizza”, was inspired from watching my nephew put in work, like a real artist, when push comes to shove, with two days to work before the deadline of this contest. While waiting to be seated at the College Ave location, my nephew eagerly asked me if I had a piece of paper and a pen. I did, since I never leave home without my small sketchbook and pen. His ideas were flowing. Everyone loves pizza, I mean everyone… but to witness a kid, at the age of eight, not wanting to finish his pizza, only because he wanted to win his first art contest (with the prize of more pizza and having his artwork hang on the walls), was honestly my true inspiration through making this piece.

Editor’s note: Ryan’s nephew, Jalen, was also one of our winners! See our blog about Ryan and Jalen for more information.

Starry Night

Starry Night


Beata Engl




Guillaume Ollivier

Certified Quality Family

Certified Quality Family


A. Cavenecia

Keep on Cookin'

Larry Holstrom


Lucky Leprechaun

Katie Jones, age 8

Pizza Gangster

Chris Papa


The Rise of the Dough

Ian Ransley



Ian Ransley is a single father of two Zachary’s-loving boys. Ian is a Berkeley native and a professional graphic designer. He splits his time designing Zachary’s posters and designing for professional sports teams and events including the NHL Winter Classic and the NFL Super Bowl among many other events. He is a dual-citizen of the U.S. And Great Britain. Growing up in a British home he never had pizza so Ian can’t get enough of it now. Ian annoys his two sons using them time and again in many of his art projects. You can check out some of Ian’s work (and more of Zachary’s posters) at

Zachary's... Always My Favorite Place

Stephanie Kwan


Take Me to Your Pizza

Nadira Berman, age 9


The Pizza of Your Dreams

Raquel Royal