Pizza Art

We started an art contest in the mid-1980s and have continued the tradition every few years or so since then. We now have over 300 pieces of Zachary’s pizza art from the past three decades! The winning artwork decorates the walls in all five of our restaurants. We love the art and the artists and are excited and honored to be able to share some of the art on our website!

The Zachary’s Art Contest 40th Anniversary Edition is happening now until April 23rd! Click HERE for more information!

One With Everything

Tom Galvin


Joy of Eating

Marvin Ehrlich


“My name is Marvin Ehrlich. May 29th, 2014, I will be 89 years old. It makes me happy to win a Zachary’s poster contest at my age. The right question is 75% of the solution. “What makes Zachary’s so successful?” became “The Joy of eating a Zachary’s pizza is why we come back again and again” (illustrated with a woman and a man joyfully eating a wedge of pizza). Good luck to you all.”


Sir Zachary

Leo Gould, 11 years old


Precious as a Pearl

Naumi Emoto, 13 years old


Phases of Pizza

Ryan Pera


Besides my everyday fascination with the universe, galaxy, the solar system, the moon, and the sun, my piece, titled “Phases of Pizza”, was inspired from watching my nephew put in work, like a real artist, when push comes to shove, with two days to work before the deadline of this contest. While waiting to be seated at the College Ave location, my nephew eagerly asked me if I had a piece of paper and a pen. I did, since I never leave home without my small sketchbook and pen. His ideas were flowing. Everyone loves pizza, I mean everyone… but to witness a kid, at the age of eight, not wanting to finish his pizza, only because he wanted to win his first art contest (with the prize of more pizza and having his artwork hang on the walls), was honestly my true inspiration through making this piece.

Editor’s note: Ryan’s nephew, Jalen, was also one of our winners! See our blog about Ryan and Jalen for more information.

The Mark of Zachary's

Donna and Tony Aweeka


Donna and Tony Aweeka bw

“On May 27, 2008 our wonderful rescued mare, Satin’s Fancy, presented us with a beautiful black filly…unexpectedly. We named her Satin’s Prize, S’Prize for short. When we began this piece we knew we wanted Zorro on a black horse, hence S’Prize. The rest just fell into place, as art projects usually do. We had a good time with this one, letting it unfold as it developed a life of its own. Tony was the model for Zorro, and a Zachary’s pizza box gave us some inspiration, as well as a GREAT pizza.” – Donna Aweeka

30 Years of Out of This World Pizza

Ian Ransley



Ian Ransley is a single of father of two Zachary’s-loving boys. Ian is a Berkeley native and a professional graphic designer. He splits is time designing Zachary’s posters and designing for professional sports teams and events including the NHL Winter Classic and the NFL Super Bowl among many other events. He is a dual-citizen of the U.S. And Great Britain. Growing up in a British home he never had pizza so Ian can’t get enough of it now. Ian annoys his two sons using them time and again in many of his art projects. You can check out some of Ian’s work (and more of Zachary’s posters) at

Howling Wolf

Eric Perko


Picked Fresh Daily

Picked Fresh Daily


Kelly Lee Avery

Hands Pizza

Lisa Clark & Play and Learn Butterfly Classroom, ages 3-4


It's in the Pie

Pete Davis


Hooked on Zachary's

Katia Novak


Katia image 8.21.14

I grew up at Zachary’s Pizza. It was the first solid food I ever had as a baby, and it is an unspoken tradition in my family to go at least once a month. Since Zachary’s always had a special place in my heart, I thought I’d endear myself in return by contributing some of what I’m best at—art. I drew inspiration for my poster from my love of the sea and my childhood obsession with mermaids and magical things. I still respect my painting for what it taught me in terms of shadow and scale, but since its creation I’ve evolved. I’d like to showcase my new skills in another painting for Zach’s sometime in the near future.

See more of Katia’s talents here:


Pals at Zachary's

M. Yamagata


Zachary's Cranes

Lindsey Rosellini


SOLD in our 2018 Art Sale and Fundraiser!

Zachary's... Always My Favorite Place

Stephanie Kwan


Big Hair, Big Pizza

Craig Mcintire


Museum of Modern Pizza

Museum of Modern Pizza


Artist Unknown

Hanging Pizza - Hanging Cat

Nikola Bachman


Hi my name is Nikola. I just graduated from high school this past June.  While attending high school, I was also taking art classes at Berkeley City College.  I’m currently enrolled in my fourth art class at BCC.   I’m drawn to Japanese animation and graphic novels.  Someday I’d love to visit Japan.   Drawing older architectural buildings using a realistic cartoon flare, is one of my styles as small details are important to me.  I’m a cat lover at heart therefore the kitty in the painting that I drew for Zachary’s was inspired by my own cat Jackson, even though they look nothing alike.   It was the first time that I’ve entered one of my art pieces into a contest. I was happily surprised to have won!  This was the third time however, that I’ve had my art up for public display.  Another important project of mine is writing a graphic novel.  The title, story line and illustrations are all my own and I hope to be published someday.   I like going out to eat with my family.  Our favorite spot for pizza is Zachary’s.  We always order the Chicago deep dish, with mushrooms and spinach.  Yummy!

Pizza Gangster

Chris Papa


Zach the Dog

Morgan Marsh