Eva Jaeger, 4 years old


Eva, 4 years old Eva 14 years old

When I created this piece my family had moved from Berkeley to Manhattan for a year. When I look at this piece now it conjures up all the emotions of those moments: a longing for home and familiar things like Zachary’s, the excitement and adventure of being somewhere unknown and the joy of knowing that I’d be back to have some pizza soon. And of course, I was 4 and loved Princesses!

My inspiration for this piece was all the things I loved.  Princesses, pink, big art and pizza. I actually didn’t really like Pepperoni (truth be known) but the alliteration was too good to pass up!  The process I used for this piece was to draw it on a smaller piece of paper and then spread out on the floor, with all my markers tossed around, and the paper taped down.  Shoes off and spread across the whole thing I sketched by pencil and then dried out just about every marker pen filling in the spaces.  My brother, who was in 1st grade at the time, was also drawing next to me.  His poster actually was awarded an Honorable Mention and I was happy to be creating our pieces together.

This may be the peak of my artistic recognition.  Since that time the pieces I’ve created are much smaller and much more private, rarely venturing into public space.  I like to express my creativity in crafts, writing, on the stage and on the soccer field.  And my love for Princesses and pizza have also become a bit more subdued as I pursue higher ambitions than just being royalty. The thing I haven’t changed since then is a love for Zachary’s pizza.  Just finished one a minute ago!