The Connoisseur

Hannah de Vries


My name is Hannah de Vries and art has been my passion from a very young age. My entry was inspired by a famous Norman Rockwell painting called “The Connoisseur.” I alluded to the uniqueness of Zachary’s Pizza by making comparisons to the historical context behind Abstract Expressionism of the 1940’s, a subject that I have studied in school. I worked tirelessly for about three days at a wonderful art gallery called ArtU4ia in downtown Martinez to complete this piece. The most fun I had working on it was by far doing the drip pizza; I loved getting messy and wild with the house paint!

I always loved seeing the art that hung on the walls at the Zachary’s College location, and I aspired to enter their art competition for years! Once the Pleasant Hill location opened up closer to my home town, I finally took the opportunity to create something that I was proud to call my own.

Mama Meow Purrrrfecto

Marko Yamagata


Zach the Dog

Morgan Marsh


Zachary's Pizza Is Made With Happiness

Simone Gardner


Howling For Zachary's

Rianne Myers


Howling Wolf

Eric Perko


In The Oven

Lois Rosson



Love Is Three Tiers Of Zachary's

Lori and William Wallace


My son, William (13 yrs old) and I are deeply grateful to Zachary’s for the joy it brings our lives.  Not only the DELICIOUS gluten free pizza (thank you, thank you!), but also the connection it weaves through community.  We have monitored the art contest for years and have waited for the opening where time and creative spark would coincide and bring us to this moment of participation.  And here we are! The inspiration behind this piece was to weave in the theme of “shared love”.  What better depiction of shared love than a wedding day and the site of a loving groom feeding his delighted bride a slice of Zachary’s deep dish?!  Love IS Zachary’s Pizza xo