Nikola Bachman


Hi my name is Nikola. I just graduated from high school this past June.  While attending high school, I was also taking art classes at Berkeley City College.  I’m currently enrolled in my fourth art class at BCC.   I’m drawn to Japanese animation and graphic novels.  Someday I’d love to visit Japan.   Drawing older architectural buildings using a realistic cartoon flare, is one of my styles as small details are important to me.  I’m a cat lover at heart therefore the kitty in the painting that I drew for Zachary’s was inspired by my own cat Jackson, even though they look nothing alike.   It was the first time that I’ve entered one of my art pieces into a contest. I was happily surprised to have won!  This was the third time however, that I’ve had my art up for public display.  Another important project of mine is writing a graphic novel.  The title, story line and illustrations are all my own and I hope to be published someday.   I like going out to eat with my family.  Our favorite spot for pizza is Zachary’s.  We always order the Chicago deep dish, with mushrooms and spinach.  Yummy!