aria with pizza and college DR in the backgroundThe results of the Zachary’s Employee Owner Pizza Contest are in! And lucky for you, we will be featuring several winning pizzas on our menu so you can try all of the delicious results!

First up… Aria’s Enchi-Holla Enchilada Pizza! Aria won in both the “Best Pizza” Aria with sign 11.9.14and the “Most Creative Pizza” categories (HOLLA!). Aria has worked with Zachary’s for 15 years and has been a part of the management team for most of that time. She got her inspiration for this tasty pizza from her love for enchiladas (specifically she really loves green enchilada sauce) and pizza. Why not put the two together? You will certainly be glad that she did when you try the Enchi-Holla pizza.

The pizza has our free range chicken breast marinated inthin enchi holla a green enchilada sauce, corn, black olives, cilantro, and jack and cheddar cheese. When the thin version comes aria fun smileout of the oven, we put some crunchy corn tortilla chips right on top. The stuffed pizza has a layer of corn tortillas inside. Both pizzas are topped off with a cool swirl of sour cream. Yum! Try the Enchi-Holla pizza on your next visit to Zachary’s!