IMG_1890We have a new special in Oakland and Berkeley! It’s the Buffalo Chicken Pizza! This spicy special is made with our free-range chicken breast flavored with a cayenne pepper “wing sauce”, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and topped with our house-made blue cheese dressing. This pizza is available stuffed and thin crust for a limited time!

Our CEO (Kevin) grew up in Buffalo, NY and drew inspiration for this pizza from the sauce of his homeland. Kevin writes, “Growing up in Buffalo, pizza night always meant pepperoni pizza and a bucket of chicken wings with blue cheese dressing. The flavor of Buffalo wings and pepperoni pizza work really well together, so I figured why not try combining those flavors on our pizza?”

We think you will enjoy this combination just as much as Kevin did as a kid in Buffalo.

Pizza Roma croppedIn San Ramon and Pleasant Hill, we have the Pizza Roma. This mozzarella cheese pizza is filled with Kalamata olives, Roma Tomatoes, red onion and is finished with a drizzle of olive oil. It’s available stuffed or thin for a limited time only.