You might have noticed… our walls are loaded with fan art! We love hosting our biannual pizza art contest; it’s a perfect opportunity to connect with our communities and get pizza-spired. We recently received some attention in another medium: FAN WRITING! We LOVED this piece and we thought that our pizza-loving community might enjoy it too!


I’ve been a huge Zachary’s fan for almost as long as you’ve been around. Each morning I do a writing exercise based on a prompt provided by “Creative Caffeine Daily.” I never know what will come up in my writing, but when I finished this morning’s I knew I had to share it with you in honor of your anniversary tomorrow…. So here goes:

Today’s prompt: Salivating


You could almost see them salivating as the pizza made its way to the table. It was a deep dish with a thick band of golden crust wrapped around what they knew would be a hot delicious combination of cheese and vegetables and spicy tomato sauce. They had driven 3 hours for this particular pizza at this particular place. Who drives 3 hours for a pizza? As the waitress lifted the first slice out, strings of mozzarella stretched from the pie to the slice. She slid the slice onto a small plate and expertly severed the elastic cheese with the side of the spatula. With five slices served, she was off to another table. They all looked at each other with lusty smiles and opened mouths as steam still rose from each slice. Someone picked up a knife and fork and cut off a bite-sized piece. He stabbed the piece with the fork and blew on it to cool it more. They all knew if they tried to eat any too soon they would burn the roofs of their mouths and ruin the whole experience, so they waited impatiently, salivating all the more. Finally, he tried the forked bite, his friends watching for signs of trouble. Seeing only enjoyment, they all charged into their own slices. 
“Mmmm, so GOOD!,” one said. 
“So worth the trip,” said another. 
“We need to take one home!” said a third. 
They all nodded in silence as they continued to celebrate in the communion of Zachary’s.

Happy Anniversary!

Janet Allen
Berkeley (fan & frequenter of both College and Solano stores…)