s-love-is-3-tiers-of-zacharys-lori-and-william-wallace-2015 The walls of our restaurants are filled with one-of-a-kind Zachary’s Pizza Art. We held our first art contest in the late 1980′s and the tradition has continued every couple of years to this day. We love our art and the artists. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Madison Zuniga!

“My son, William (13 yrs old) and I are deeply grateful to Zachary’s for the joy it brings to our lives.  Not only the DELICIOUS gluten free pizza (thank you, thank you!), but also the connection it weaves through community.  We have monitored the art contest for years and have waited for the opening where time and creative spark would coincide and bring us to this moment of participation.  And here we are! The inspiration behind this piece was to weave in the theme of “shared love”.  What better depiction of shared love than a wedding day and the site of a loving groom feeding his delighted bride a slice of Zachary’s deep dish?!  Love IS Zachary’s Pizza.
My family and I LOVE Zachary’s pizza for not only the great flavors, but for the feeling of being seen and appreciated in our community surrounding Solano Avenue.  My son, who is 13 years old, and I are creative and take up any chance we can to be expressive with our hands, and thanks to Zachary’s Art Contest, we spent hours together creating our design and perfecting it for submission. Creating the piece and then seeing it hanging on the wall near our favorite table every time we head into Zach’s on Saturday night for pizza and movie night, are memories we will cherish forever.  Thank you Zachary’s for being a source of nourishment to our bodies and souls!!”