Dreaming of Zachary's Pizza, Lauren Ari, 2009Did you ever wonder how the walls of Zachary’s became home to so many fun, pizza-inspired pieces of art? All of the art at each of our four locations is a winner from one of our past art contests!

Now is your chance to contribute your original Zachary’s Pizza Art!

The deadline for this year’s art contest is Saturday, May 16th, 2015. Each Zachary’s location will have paper canvas and entry forms. You must submit your artwork on the paper canvas provided and we cannot accept any artwork without the entry form. It is very important that you read all of the rules carefully before beginning work on your art.

FPizzaPestoCrust_4In the past, Zachary’s artists have used a myriad of sources for inspiration. Please visit our online art gallery to see some of the past winners. Of course, the best source of inspiration is probably eating some of your favorite pizza while surrounded by lots of amazing pizza art!