Amber Huk 2007

Birthe Lauvdal 2012

Ian Ransley 2009 Ian Ransley is a single father of two Zachary’s-loving boys. Ian is a Berkeley native and a professional graphic designer. He splits his time designing Zachary’s posters and designing for professional sports teams and events including the NHL Winter Classic and the NFL Super Bowl among many other events. He is a […]

Raquel Royal 2011

Donna and Tony Aweeka 2009 “On May 27, 2008 our wonderful rescued mare, Satin’s Fancy, presented us with a beautiful black filly…unexpectedly. We named her Satin’s Prize, S’Prize for short. When we began this piece we knew we wanted Zorro on a black horse, hence S’Prize. The rest just fell into place, as art projects […]

Nadira Berman, age 9 2005

Leo Gould, 11 years old 2009

Marvin Ehrlich 2012 “My name is Marvin Ehrlich. May 29th, 2014, I will be 89 years old. It makes me happy to win a Zachary’s poster contest at my age. The right question is 75% of the solution. “What makes Zachary’s so successful?” became “The Joy of eating a Zachary’s pizza is why we come […]

Lynn Smull 2005

Naumi Emoto, 13 years old 2012