Pete Docter I like to draw and paint yet don’t do it often enough. The allure of winning free pizza was strong and I made a few posters. Influences: 1950’s poster design, especially Paul Rand, Cassandre, and Raymond Savignac. Also children’s book illustrator Roy McKee (he illustrated the Dr. Seuss books “Ten Apples Up on […]

Stephanie Kwan 2007

ZAK WILSON 1992 I’m a big fan of pop art and wanted to create something in that style. The Roy Lichtenstein look fit the vibe of the idea. That and I wanted to win some free pizza. (The first time I ate Zachary’s) had to be in the mid 80’s sometime. A good friend worked […]

Chuck Waite 2005

Lindsey Rosellini 2012 SOLD in our 2018 Art Sale and Fundraiser!

Cindy Chan .. we love Zachary’s Pizza; it’s the best, combined with the high energy of the staff and how everyone seems to be having a great time, it’s like a party that never stops. 2003

Kevin Brown 2003

Katie Jang 2011

Todd Paoletti 2009

Mary Youm 2011