Eva Jaeger, 4 years old 2005 When I created this piece my family had moved from Berkeley to Manhattan for a year. When I look at this piece now it conjures up all the emotions of those moments: a longing for home and familiar things like Zachary’s, the excitement and adventure of being somewhere unknown […]

Chris Papa 2001

Pizza Butterfly Emma Ruth, age 6 2012 “When I first mentioned the art contest to Emma (she was six at the time) her immediate response was “C’mon, let’s get started!” She then began producing sketches. One of these had a couple of butterfly’s, but originally with more normal butterfly wings with pizza slices as the […]

M. Yamagata 1995

Elena S, age 9 2012 My name is Elena and I am currently 10 years old.   I was born in Tokyo, Japan, but moved to America when I was 4.  I now live in San Ramon, and am about to graduate from Coyote Creek Elementary School. Martial arts, drawing, and painting are my favorite hobbies. […]

Tom Galvin 2009

Katie Jones, age 8

Maia VuMinnich, 9 years old 2011

Robin Gilas 2005

Emma Jones, age 10 Hey, thanks for scrolling over my artwork! Waiting around for your food to come isn’t fun unless you’re at Zachary’s Pizza and gawking at all of the colorful, original artwork. So when I saw my shot to bring some joy to the casual diners, rolled up in this huge blank piece […]