Big Hair, Big Pizza

Craig Mcintire


Best Slice

David Seiler



Cindy Chan

Cindy Chan and daughter Marisa Ling

“.. we love Zachary’s Pizza; it’s the best, combined with the high energy of the staff and how everyone seems to be having a great time, it’s like a party that never stops.” – Cindy Chan

30 Years of Out of This World Pizza

Ian Ransley



Ian Ransley is a single of father of two Zachary’s-loving boys. Ian is a Berkeley native and a professional graphic designer. He splits is time designing Zachary’s posters and designing for professional sports teams and events including the NHL Winter Classic and the NFL Super Bowl among many other events. He is a dual-citizen of the U.S. And Great Britain. Growing up in a British home he never had pizza so Ian can’t get enough of it now. Ian annoys his two sons using them time and again in many of his art projects. You can check out some of Ian’s work (and more of Zachary’s posters) at