Patio Dining Resumes January 21st at our Pleasanton & Pleasant Hill Locations!

Zachary’s Pleasanton & Pleasant Hill patios reopen for outdoor dining Friday, January 21st!

To help deal with the recent Omicron surge the Bay Area has been struggling with, we opted to temporarily offer takeout only at all locations until January 31st. Our motives were based on the safety and wellbeing of our crew and customers and with an abundance of caution in mind. While indoor dining is temporarily unavailable, we are happy to welcome you back Friday, January 21st for outdoor dining at our Pleasanton and Pleasant Hill locations!

All Zachary’s restaurants are currently open for takeout and delivery their normal hours. Delivery is offered via our online ordering portal and through our third-party delivery partners.

We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your patience, support and understanding.  We hope to see you soon to dine with us on one of our patios or pickup a togo order!


Zachary’s Pleasant Hill
Sunday to Thursday: 11:00-9:00
Friday & Saturday: 11:00-9:30
(925) 602-7000

Zachary’s Downtown Pleasanton
Sunday to Thursday: 11:00-9:00
Friday & Saturday: 11:00-9:30
(925) 600-0089

Zachary’s Rockridge
Sunday to Thursday: 11:00-8:30
Friday & Saturday: 11:00-9:00
(510) 655-6385

Zachary’s Grand Lake
Daily 11:00-8:30
(510) 658-3226

Zachary’s on Solano Ave (Berkeley)
Daily 11:00-8:30
(510) 525-5950

Proof of Vaccination Required at Zachary’s Rockridge & Grand Lake

On December 21st, the Oakland City Council voted unanimously to require all patrons 12 years of age and older to provide proof of vaccination to enter indoor locations effective February 2022. With the recent surge in the Omicron variant, Zachary’s is getting a head start on the city ordinance and will begin requiring proof of vaccination on Monday, January 10th at our Rockridge and Grand Lake locations. This means-

  • Patrons 12 years of age or older must provide proof of vaccination to dine indoors with us. For customers 18 years or older we must also cross check proof of vaccination with a valid photo ID.
  • The city ordinance exempts customers with medical conditions who provide verification of medical exemption and proof of a recent negative COVID test (within 72 hours) with photo ID.
  • Customers who do not provide proof of vaccination may enter for brief periods of time to use the bathroom, order, pick-up or pay for togo orders. These individuals must wear a well-fitting mask covering both nose and mouth at all times while within the building.

To read the full Oakland City Council ordinance, please click HERE.

We please ask that you understand we are taking these steps with everyone’s safety in mind and kindly request you to treat our staff with kindness and respect ❤


Hot Link Special Now Available in Oakland & Berkeley!


Oakland and Berkeley the Hot Link Special is back! This classic pizza is sliced Louisiana hot link sausage, fresh cilantro, and mozzarella cheese. It’s simple, yet oh so delicious. Available stuffed or thin crust, but only for a limited time. Click the link to place an online order for delivery or pickup!


Alameda & Contra Costa Counties Reinstate Mask Mandates

Effective Tuesday, August 3rd, Alameda and Contra Costa counties are reinstating indoor mask mandates. All individuals will be required to wear appropriate face coverings when indoor public establishments, regardless of vaccination status. To read the mandates please click the links below. We thank you for your understanding and compliance.

Alameda County

Contra Costa County

Pleasanton Grand Opening

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here! The Grand Opening for our newest Zachary’s in Downtown Pleasanton!   Friday, September 10th is the official Grand Opening for our Pleasanton location! 

September Happy Hour

Happy Hour at Zachary’s Grand Lake!     Tuesday, September 7th we’ll begin offering a limited time only Happy Hour at Zachary’s Grand Lake! Join us Monday to Friday, 2pm – 5pm to score 15% off all dine-in pizzas, $8 Signature and well cocktails, and $6 draft beers! Available weekdays starting September 7th

Oakland & Berkeley: Chorizo con Papas Special now Available!

Chorizo con Papas Special

The Chorizo con Papas is a soul satisfying pizza made with Mexican Chorizo sausage, roasted red potatoes, green onions, and Monterey Jack cheese- and is SUPER YUMMY! Available stuffed or thin for a limited time. Click HERE to place an online order for delivery or pickup!

Indoor Dining Coming to Pleasant Hill, San Ramon & Grand Lake!

We are SO excited to announce indoor dining will resume Monday, May 3rd at our San Ramon, Pleasant Hill, and Grand Lake locations! Cue the band, release the confetti, bring on the cake!

San Ramon and Pleasant Hill will now be offering limited indoor and outdoor dining. Grand Lake will be offering limited indoor dining. Seating at all locations is first come, first served. Please remember, masks are still required at all times unless actively eating or drinking. That includes walking through the restaurant, waiting for a table, and when using the restroom.

Our crew remains committed to adhering to the requirements and recommendations of the California Health Department and the CDC. Hand sanitizer is available at all entrances, at the counters, and on the patios in San Ramon and Pleasant Hill. Our crew regularly sanitizes high touch surfaces, including touch screens and tables after every customer interaction.

Come join us for lunch or dinner seven days a week. We can’t wait to welcome you back and provide you the full Zachary’s dining experience again!

February Employee Spotlight: Aria V!

Since 1983, Zachary’s has been making award-winning pizza in the San Francisco Bay Area. When Zachary’s founders, Zach Zachowski and Barbara Gabel decided to retire, they handed the company over to the employees via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In 2010, Zachary’s became 100% employee owned.

For February we are shining a light on Aria, our Oakland and Berkeley Office Manager. Aria, who started with Zachary’s in 1999, has been with us since before our transition from private to employee-ownership. Aria felt the pressure of taking over a successful company from two inspirational founders, as well as the honor and responsibility of continuing the Zachary’s legacy.



Name: Aria V.

Hire Date: September 1999

Home Restaurant: Rockridge & North Berkeley

Favorite Pizza: Stuffed Spinach & Mushroom, pesto inside, pepperoni on top.

Favorite Activities: Spending time with family on outdoor adventures, softball, and baking.

Aria’s Claim to Zachary’s Fame: Aria is the creator of the Enchi-Holla seasonal special pizza! You can see her taking a bite out of her signature pizza further down the interview.



Aria was interviewed by Zachary’s Marketing Manager Robin Smith on February 2nd, 2021. 

Robin (R): Hi Aria, thanks for sitting down with me!

Aria (A): Of course!

R: Let’s start at the beginning, when did you start at Zachary’s and what made you decide to work here?

A: I started at Zachary’s after I graduated college basically, September 1999. Graduated college, moved home, and then the, you know, “What am I gonna do now?” (laughs). So I had that moment and, just kinda enjoyed my summer. Had a summer job, that ended, saw Zachary’s was hiring and…I grew up right up the street on Ocean View, so knew about Zachary’s and I didn’t come here that often, but I knew people that worked here. So, of course you know, Timmy K was working here at the time and he was like,”Oh yeah! You gotta work there, it’s so you, it’s so you, you’ll like it.” So I applied and still here (laughs), 2021.

R: So, after twenty…?

A: 21 years. In September it’ll be 22.

R: What has made you stay these 22 years? What’s been the driving factor that has been, “I’m willing to stay at this job for this amount of time?”

A: Right, yes, great question. Cuz a lot of people ask me that like, “Daaang, you’ve worked there for that long!?” It’s unusual for someone to work [at a job], especially in a restaurant, for that long, and it’s basically one thing, it’s the people. It’s the people that started the company, the people that run the company, and the people that work at the company…It really is like a second family and it all started with Barbara and Zach. They made you feel like they appreciated you and that you were part of this bigger thing, and so, that kinda kept me going through the waiting tables and all that kinda stuff. The management was also always really good and communicated well and I was- I mean, you make good money too (laughs)! So when the opportunity to keep moving up and to become a manager came around, I didn’t jump at it at first, but then I thought…I’ve been with this company, and I think it was after four years, I finally accepted the management position and could see myself keep movin’ and BOOM (both laugh)! So it’s all about the people. I’m still enjoying everybody that I work with, everybody that works here. 

R: We’ve gotten that before, its come up in other spotlights, that [Zachary’s] is like a second family, and it’s people oriented, and I agree 100%. So when Barbara and Zach decided they were going to retire and were considering what they were going to do with this company that’s super successful, how did it make you feel when you found out they’d decided to give it to the employees rather than do a public sale?

A: Hmm, that’s a tough one.

R: Were you surprised that they were going to do that?

A: For sure! 

R: Were you a little anxious, like, “What does that actually mean?”

A: Yes! Totally! “What does that really mean?” Like, what, I’m gonna have to start really paying attention to things (both laugh), because I’m an owner, you know? I can’t just come to work? But then learning about it…First it was sad. Barbara and Zach were going to retire, they’re the founders, they are the backbone. So it was a little like, oh man, what are we gonna do?! But learning about it, and seeing how there was still going to be a structure and having confidence in the leaders of the company at that time, it was intriguing and then it became exciting. Then each year receiving your [ESOP: Employee Stock Ownership Program] statement it became even more exciting cuz you’re like, “Wow, ok!” It felt, I felt a little bit like an adult (both laugh) because I was saving for retirement. It definitely got its claws in me and kept me. 

R: Absolutely. So, being able to take over a successful business, doing something that’s not very common, especially at that time- you don’t see a lot of Employee Stock Ownership Programs in general- did you feel the pressure to really make sure that we maintained the legacy of Zachary’s? What [Zachary’s] is about and to make sure we continued to be that great? Did you feel that pressure? 

A: Oh for sure, for sure I did. I think because, I mean, for me, because I did work with Barbara and Zach and I knew the core values that they brought and instilled in everybody that worked for them, and how much hard work they put into building the company. I felt it my duty, my honor, to continue that, for sure. And I think back on all the different people that I’ve worked with and how they made my experience here at Zachary’s, and [they] made Zachary’s, so to continue that…I, it’s like I have to, that’s my destiny! Because [Zachary’s] is so great, if we continue to keep it great than the people that we bring on to work for us…they’ll see how great it is and they’ll want to do the same, to put in that effort, to make it their honor to make it great. So for SURE I felt it (laughs). Still do (both laugh).

R: I know, I agree, I feel it too. So almost 22 years…I assume you have stories in that time?

A: Oh my goodness, yes!

R: Can you share one of your more memorable stories? Funny, stressful, both; sometimes they become funny years after they were stressful (both laugh) Any characters…

A: Yeah, characters. The first thing that pops into my head of a character I worked with was Lae Charles. Back in the day there were only two people, two hosts, that worked at Solano during the daytime. So it was just me and Lae Charles, dishing out slices, yada yada, and- I mean, this isn’t gonna make sense cuz not everyone knows this person, but we worked with this other guy, Patrick. Patrick had this hairdo where in the front it kinda stuck up. Ok, so…I was in the back restocking something, and I’m passing the oven coming to the front and Lae was like, “Eh, can you go ring up Patrick’s dad up there?” And I was like, “Patrick’s dad? Ok.” So I go to the front and I look at this gentleman and I just started laughing (laughs), and you know, I tried to play it off, like “Oh hey! Let me ring you up! I’m having such a great day!” But it was because the gentleman had the same hairdo as Patrick, but older you know? So something so stupid and so simple, but it was the way [Lae Charles] said it, and, I don’t know, I just laughed so hard. And when Lae came back up [to the counter] he was kinda smiling, and I finished up with the customer and [Lae Charles] was like, “What’s so funny?” And I just said, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you said that right before I came up and helped this guy!” So, I guess it just goes to show how much fun a day shift at Solano, dishing out slices and ringing people up, but the people you work with [can] make it so fun, and he was so funny. I just have a lot of memories like that, where it’s just something little, small, but it lifts you up for the rest of the day, or for the rest of the night, and it makes your simple work of being a host fun and makes your day fun. So it was just stories like that always stick out in my head, like “Oh my god, Lae Charles!” He was such a jokester! 

R: And an iconic voice.

A: Oh my goodness, yes! And just to watch him actually make his way through the dining room on a busy Friday night, I was always so impressed with him. Anyways, that’s the first one that comes to my head! I laughed so hard, that customer must have thought I was crazy.

R: Or just really happy! 

A: Yeah, right? “I love this job!” (Both laugh) I gotta have a better story…no, that’s a good one! It’s the first one that comes to my head. 

R: Do you know what’s [interesting] about when I ask that question? It seems there’s always going to be this iconic story that’s some major thing, but it’s always moments like that. It’s always these very simple, in the moment stories that people tell, about a regular day of engagement. It seems like just an everyday interaction, but it brings so much joy and it stands out so much, that as you said, it’s a testament to how much fun it can be. How [moments] stand out in the day, and uplift you and you think about them years and years after.

A: Yeah! And it was such a simple little joke! Like, “Oh my god, he looks like Patrick!” (Both laugh) And then, alright, and then the little tidbit at the end, cuz I was like, “Is that, was that really Patrick’s dad??” And Lae said, “No!” (Laughs). Silly, Aria.

R: Zachary’s is obviously a Bay Area business, Bay proud. How do you think Zachary’s represents the Bay within our model and what we do? How do you think the essence of the Bay is represented here?

A: Oh. That’s a great question. I think that the casualness of us and…we don’t try to be too much, you know? We’re pretty simple; pizza, salads. We stepped it up a notch with meatballs, and a couple other appetizers at our other locations, but pretty simple. We just do [one thing] and do it well. But also the casualness of dining in, and how we kinda stack people, and you’re so close to the other person and it’s so loud in here, but it’s, it’s just the Bay! It’s kick backed, not really pretentious, or not uppity, not trying to be…it’s just Oakland, it’s the town, it’s not trying to be anything its not. I think mostly just because we started [in Oakland], and this is the home base, that kinda spread to our other locations. Solano is chill, the other locations as well. And I think it’s good that we’re taking that very relaxed yet professional approach to high quality food. I like that. 

R: I agree, I think that’s a great answer. 

A: Thank you.

*Picture was taken pre-Covid in 2019*

R: What is the thing that you’re looking most forward to getting back to within Zachary’s post Covid? 

A: Ahhhh! Ok.

R: And personally too!

A: That’s kinda a tough one because, I mean, what we’re really missing [is] the dine-in aspect of it, but…I’ve kinda enjoyed the more simpleness of just take out, you know? So that’s tough. Maybe just not wearing this mask at work? (Both laugh) But also, I guess this crosses over to personally too, is just socializing; with friends, with family, and having people I know come and dine in. Just seeing them, and being able to attend to them, but also being able to show off what we do here. So I guess I miss that workwise but also in the other half of my life too. Just gathering, with people, with family, not having to be like, oohhh, keep your distance, and…hugging friends when you see them. Yeah so, I’ll be excited to get back to that for sure. 

R: Transitioning from that, what do you like to do when you’re not at work? 

A: Oh! I like to be outside. I like to, I love spending time with my husband and my son. We go for lots of hikes, we go backpacking. I love to play softball, I miss that, a lot actually. I have been on this women’s team for, gosh, I wanna say like six or seven years, and this is the very first time that we haven’t played in an extended period of time. So, I miss my girls. But yeah, just whatever outside. I like to bake actually too. I don’t know if you knew that about me Robin. (Laughs)

R: I did not. Where are my samples?! 

A: I know! (Laughs) Not so much cooking. Which I mean, I do cook, but I definitely like to bake. I like spending time with my sisters, you know there’s four of us, I got three sisters. My brothers are cool too. Spending time with family and friends, and yeah, just getting out there. I love just going out in nature, whether it’s an extended period of time backpacking or camping, or just hiking. That’s what I like to do. Pretty simple. 

R: Thank goodness a lot of those are what you can do right now during Covid. 

A: Yes! There’s more people out there than usual (laughs). 

R: The last thing I want to ask you is very basic, but very important. What is your favorite pizza? 

A: Oh my pizza! Yes! Well, ok, woooo gosh, I’ve worked here for awhile so I’ve tried many combinations. But I have to have two, because you have to have a stuffed and a thin.

R: Totally.

A: You don’t always feel like a stuffed, especially if you eat it as much as I do. So stuffed would definitely have to be Spinach Mushroom, pesto inside, pepperoni- pepperoni on top! Makin’ it crispy! So it’s like reversing the pepperoni and the pesto. I also like that version as a thin crust. NO sauce, rolled thin, spinach mushroom, pepperoni on top, maybe no pesto though. Yeah. I’m gonna go with those two.

R: That sounds good, maybe I’ll order that thin today!

A: I know right? Mouth is watering. 

R: Well, awesome. Thank you so much for sitting down and talking with me Aria.

A: Of course Robin. 

R: It’s been a pleasure.

A: Yes, it has. Thank you. 


January Employee Spotlight: Hans R.

Since 1983, Zachary’s has been making award-winning pizza in the San Francisco Bay Area. When Zachary’s founders, Zach Zachowski and Barbara Gabel decided to retire, they handed the company over to the employees via an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In 2010, Zachary’s became 100% employee owned.

We’re celebrating Assistant Manager Hans for January’s Employee Owner Spotlight! Hans, who originally worked in the front of the house at our San Ramon location, has seen a lot of growth in his time at Zachary’s. Not only has he moved up in the company, but he has also had a son and gotten engaged! Hans loves that work feels like extended family, and we are so lucky to have him be a part of ours.



Name: Hans R.

Hire Date: March 2015

Home Restaurant: San Ramon & Pleasant Hill

Favorite Pizza: Italian Tomato with Chicken and Jalapeños

Favorite Food: Pasta or Carne Asada

Favorite Activities: Time with family, making music and sports

Where you can find his music: Spotify, Soundcloud and other major digital platforms under Hvns



*Hans was originally interviewed in March 2020 by Zachary’s Marketing Manager, Robin Smith. Pictures were taken pre-Covid. Robin met with Hans in January 2021 to update details of his previous interview.

Robin (R): Hi, Hans!

Hans (H): Hi, Robin.

R: Thanks for sitting down with me.

H: Absolutely.

R: So we’re going to start with a couple of basic questions…what is your favorite pizza?

H: My favorite pizza recently changed. It used to be the Barbeque Chicken. It was very easy, add some jalapenos to it, you’re good to go. But now, honestly, I like a little Italian Tomato, put some chicken on there and a little jalapenos. Keep it light, flavorful, that’s all I like.

R: I condone this decision one hundred percent.

[both laugh]

R: What is a favorite food of yours besides pizza?

H: Uh, unfortunately, pizza is a huge staple of my life. It was just one of those things where when I wasn’t working and I was in school it was family time so pizza was always that thing. And when I’m not working here, my son loves pizza, so always having pizza. But if I’m not having pizza you really can’t go wrong with a little pasta or a little carne asada. Yeah, keep it simple.

R: When did you join the Zachary’s team?

H: I started working for Zachary’s about six years ago.

R: What made you, six years ago, decide Zachary’s was a place you wanted to apply?

H: I’ve always had a job, but only kept it for about a year because I couldn’t find anything…after a year you kind of get tired of everything, but with Zachary’s, after applying, loved it immediately, two weeks in. I never got tired of it, there’s always something to do. I found it on Indeed, took a swing at it, got the job, interviewed by Paul and Aisha and then Leandra I guess had the last say. Right when I drove off they gave me the call and bada-bing-bada-boom, history.

R: Six years later!

H: Six years later, here we are.

R: You’re currently an Assistant Manager at our Pleasant Hill and San Ramon locations. When did you make that jump?

H: Yeah, we’ve come up almost on two years of me being Assistant Manager. I made that transition in March of 2019.

R: So, what is one of your favorite aspects of working here?

H: My favorite, well one of my favorite aspects, because there is many, is the work ethic…that goes on behind the scenes. Everyone here, it’s very team-based, so I like that. We come in and we see where we need to pick our strengths up and we can fill it up from there. I like the fact we’re very great about, if [you’re] not good at doing something, we don’t move you on… We like to [train] you to do what you do before you move on to the next thing and that’s really cool about a job because most jobs don’t do that. They kind of take the training wheels off and they kind of send you out there.

R: Sink or swim, right?

H: Exactly…Can I have a backup answer?

R: Sure.

H: The creativeness, I guess. Zachary’s has a lot of creative people, a lot of creative heads here, and if you ask someone [what they do] outside of work they do a bunch of awesome stuff, a lot of artsy stuff….they make things, they do things, it’s weird, it’s become a hub for a lot of creative people.

R: Um, this is the second time this has actually come up in an interview, which is very interesting, but I don’t think it is surprising because I feel like restaurant industries in general attract a lot of creative people…You get one creative person who then tells another creative person, “hey, I’ve found this job and this community of people…” and they tell the next person and they tell the next person and then…

H: It slowly builds up a community of…oh, ok.

R: Exactly, and it’s also personally something I love about it. Um, so I think these questions kind of blended into each other with you saying that, but what is something that keeps you engaged in the day-to-day, that keeps you motivated, wanting to grow and do better?

H: Uh, I guess that does go kind of hand-in-hand, it’s the coming in and knowing that there isn’t, how do I say this, there’s always something to do, there’s always something to learn… so what I love is that it’s very…we’re very vocal, we’re very verbally communicative. [And], I guess the crew does too! And here everyone’s in a good mood, everyone’s in a happy mood, it’s almost like an extended family. So you come in here and you want to do good for your extended family. You come in here and pick up the slack if someone needs help, you jump right in, it doesn’t feel too heavy, it feels nice to be surrounded by people working just as hard as you are.

R: I like that. So, perfect segue, what, in that regard, does employee ownership mean to you? And especially mean to you in your day-to-day?

H: It means growth. It means coming in and plugging yourself in and knowing that if you’re doing 110%, that’s going to carry over. People are going to see that and people are going to see what ESOP means to you and they’re gonna, you know, hopefully it opens up their eyes and they’re going to see that we take it seriously and put a lot into it and then they can do it themselves.

R: What is a favorite Zachary’s memory, funny or otherwise?

H: Every memory is good, every story is good, with its own little taste to it….The happy memory is the fact that I can make memories with the people here. It’s like I said, you guys are my extended family. I love that I can come here and plan to see you guys. I love you guys enough to see you outside of work, basically.

R: Ok, so outside of work, what are some of your interests, hobbies, things that make you Hans?

H: Uh, I enjoy my family time. I enjoy time with my son and my fiancé. I also do a little bit of music which helps me vent, helps me express some stuff that’s inside, so I like to do that. I also like to do physical stuff, so like sports. Anything sports-related, basketball, get a little physically drained as well [laughs].

R: Do you go by a special name when you do music?

H: Well, I go by my name, Hans, but it’s spelled a little bit differently, HVNS.

R: Right. And do you put stuff out for your music?

H: Yeah, I put a lot of stuff out for my music. Mostly the more professional-sounding things go out on Spotify. Soundcloud is another backup one that I put my music on. Anything I tend to put out I put out on major digital platforms and you’ll be able to find it.

R: What is something you love about the Bay Area?

H: It’s got its own vibe. Like you can’t really find the Bay Area friendliness, you know. It’s just a bunch of different societies living together, coexisting. So it’s kind of nice that even though it seems like we’re all separated somehow, we easily break that weird wall and get together and celebrate life…where we can put down our defensive walls and get together as a community…

R: Do you think that translates to Zachary’s and being a Bay business?

H: I want to say so. I mean, especially it being employee-owned, it’s one of those things where we want to set the tone, the experience for people who come from outside of California. Surprisingly, a lot of people come to try out Zachary’s [from outside the Bay], so it’s kind of nice that even [if] they can’t experience the whole Bay Area, we can show a little Bay Area in our Zachary’s. You know, a little love.

R: A little Bay love.

H: A little Bay love with every slice.

R: [laughs] Oh, man, that should be our new hashtag. #Baylovewitheveryslice. Do you have anything you would like to add?

H: Zachary’s is the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve only had a job for about a year because after that I get tired of it, but this is one of those jobs that everyday you come in, everyday is new, even though the agenda may be the same, everyday is different. So, it’s been six years and I’m still growing, I’m still learning stuff. Forgetting stuff [laughs] but still learning stuff.

R: I do feel, you in particular, we’ve seen a lot of growth with you here, given when you were hired, you had a child while you were working here, you got engaged when you were working here, are now expecting your second child while working here…

H: Life progressed outside of me being at Zachary’s. So it’s one of those things, it’s nice to grow with the company. Like, you know, it’s nice to see that my peers are acknowledging my growth. It’s nice to know that. Because, looking back, I don’t think I’ve changed, but some people told me I used to not be the best [laughs]. True story! So it’s nice to know that I grow with you guys and you’re a big part of my family and my family loves you guys and my son and fiancé feel like they’re a part of the family and you guys are very inclusive and I love the fact this job does that.

R: That makes me feel good, too. Thank you for chatting with me Hans!

H: Of course! Now, back to work! [both laugh]